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Welcome to bamvé, here you can find information and an online shop of bamvélo – bamboo bicycles

See our story of how a unique product with special features can be delivered by making a difference in the world. Be a part of our story and support social projects in the country of our bamboo suppliers.

You can learn more about us on Facebook. Just follow us and see the whole story from the beginning. From having an idea of social impact by created a new bicycle experience. Find uns here or by typing @bamvelo.

bamvélo bamboo bicycle

Have you ever dreamed of riding a naturally beatiful bicycle, realizing that at the same time you are contributing to the sustainable development of our world?

Well. We can offer you this unique experience.

Reserve your bamboo bicycle today. Delivery starts in 2019.


Our bamboo bicycles are super heroes, but in the bicycle world. They are not only looking naturally beautiful, but also due to its unique shock absorption and elasticity qualities ensuring extremely comfortable ride.

Technical Durability

Flat tires. Dropped chain. Broken or stolen lights. Does this sound familiar? Well, we have a solution. Our bicycles are designed to be free from routine maintenance, letting you focus on the simple pleasure of riding a bike.

Social Impact

Last but foremost, as a Social Enterprise our goal is creation of sustainable impact on environment and society through eco-friendly and social responsible bamboo bicycles (for more information check “Our Story”).


Founding of bamvélo S.E.




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Nadia Toumi
``It is an amazing product``
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``Just a great idea``
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